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You Think You Are Healthy? Think Again…

Healthy is not what you weigh…healthy is how you feel, how you are mentally, physically, and spiritually speaking…being healthy is a combination of things…and therefore a balance of these areas.

Most of us are so ‘stuck’ on a number that we see on the scale…what does a number really tell us? Other than what we tell ourselves is an ideal weight? Now of course, based on our body composition there are some guidelines that indicate an ideal range for us to be in…specifically our body, mass, index (BMI)…based on our height, weight…there is a guideline that tell whether or not we fall into a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ range. This is to be treated strictly as a baseline, not necessarily as to what determines how healthy we are. Let’s look at the relationship with have with the scale in a different way and pay more attention to how we feel. Keep in mind you are more than just a number!

You are who you think you are, a simple concept yet quite complicated when it comes to understanding that each of those thoughts that are floating in your mind throughout the day is exactly what you are convinced you are and therefore you will live your life accordingly. Scary huh?

Healthy does not start at the grocery store as you are choosing what to buy, does not even start as you hit the gym…healthy starts with every single thing you are telling yourself as you get up from bed, throughout the day, until you go back to bed.

Each of those thoughts go hand to hand with every single one of your habits, and those habits have a direct impact on your health. Ask yourself, what does each of your habits say about you?

Our bodies have a way of talking to us, in fact it is constantly in communication with us, how much we pay attention to it, how much we listen to it, how in-tune we are with it is determined by how balanced we are. Many people will not change their lifestyles nor see the need to until they encounter a life-threatening situation, i.e. like a stroke, a heart attack, panic attacks, etc…the fact of the matter is that our body has a way of talking to us…but, are you too busy to listen to it? From the headaches, to the stomach issues, to the uneasy feeling, even the stressful/anxiety state…this is the way our bodies are telling us, “alert, alert, something is wrong”…do you choose to ignore the emergency sirens? Do not wait until it’s too late, keep in mind: “Those who think they don’t have time for their bodies, will soon have to make time for their illness”.

I invite you to look closely to those habits that define who you are and see if they are truly aligned with how you want to live. If they are, then strive to continue to improve those habits and build upon them, if not, then understand there is work to do and get busy!

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